Sunday, February 7

Will Gordon catch Dave on the hop..?

More see-sawing in the opinion polls, with pundits calling Dave's U-turn on cuts a wobble. The Telegraph reckons Brown could now call an election in April, with the polls pointing to a hung parliament if he does.

That means the Lib Dems would effectively hold the whip hand, unless they manage to implode between now and polling day.

There's little between the two main parties, with both toeing the line that cuts are needed but not so harsh they harm recovery.

Brown looks a lot more confident. He seems to soak up the punishment like a sponge and keep on troshin'.

Dave's not currently buttering many parsnips. But most of rural Norfolk will still vote Tory, because that's what rural Norfolk does.

1 comment:

  1. To be honest I would rather a hung parliment if it shifts labour out so they can do no more damage. I think when it comes to the crunch people will vote Tory. I predict a Tory government with a small overall majority.

    The election cannot come soon enough.