Sunday, February 14

Climate change ain't what it used to be

So they're now saying the climate change thing might not be happening after all and there's been no "statistically significant" increase in temperatures since 1995..?

A whole industry has grown up on both sides of this debate. They're using it to justify everything from tax increases to all kinds of changes in the way we live.

Be nice to know who's really right. Just for a change.


  1. I think if you except climate change in the extream way it has tried to be sold to us.You would expect to see some evidence of it yourself, and not just spurious reports of things happening everwhere else. I can not detect any signes of things hotting up apart from the normal cycle of warming and and cooling weather. So much of this debate is proving false and it has been used by Labour as an excuse to tax and waste even more of OUR money.

  2. You should read this if you want the truth about it all.