Saturday, January 23

Norfolk Unitary Council - the end of the road

Looks like shadow local government minister Bob Neil's fired the final salvo in the long-running debate over whether Norfolk would be better served by a single unitary council.

"The Government looks set to announce that it will abolish entire tiers of local government in Conservative-controlled Devon, Suffolk and Norfolk: not because it is the right thing to do, but to try and create division amongst Conservatives in the run-up to a general election and erode our local government base, which is obviously something they have conspicuously failed to do through the ballot box in the last thirteen years. There is no other explanation behind this devious plan as there is certainly no public demand for unitary government in these counties."

Many will have suspected the same all along. Mr Neil goes on to give an assurance which will see many heaving a sigh of relief today:

"But today I can go further and say that because this round of restructuring is so contrary to our desire to give more power to local communities any incoming Conservative Government will revoke any legislation and stop the entire process straight away."
So that's that then. Well, let's hope so. All the Tories have to do now is win the election.

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  1. I would like the Tories to take this stance on much of Labours legislation. Sometimes it is better to go backwards rather than forwards. If the Tories do nothing more than repealing many of Labours laws they will improve things.